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Jabra Elite 85T Ear Buds

by editor

We feel like we see a lot of ear buds and earphones these days, but a very nice person at a publicity company sent us some guff on these ones, and even offered to send us a pair.

We wanted to say, “Hell, yeah! Send them on over!” But we couldn’t. The editor cracked the shits and started shouting about credibility and ethics. He had to shout, because he was wearing a pair of very expensive headphones he assured us had shown up in the mail unexpectedly.

According to the person from the PR company, the Jabras are ‘…now even better – available in a range of stylish colours with a new MyFit update that enhances Active Noise Cancellation and the audio experience.’ We’re all about the audio experience, us!

There’s a phone app that lets you do some stuff, and the website says the Jabras were ‘thousands of ears in the making’, which we thought clever and we wish we’d said, but they missed the opportunity to say it was for those who ‘enjoy aural’.

So it was a hit and a miss on the copy writing front, really.

Putting aside all the trendy crap, the specs on the Jabras look good. It’d honestly be worth grabbing a pair and giving them a try. Officeworks, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys and JB Hi-Fi all have stock and are asking around $299.

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