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It’s a Stick Up!

by admin

It took just three grams of Monopox VE403728 adhesive to suspend a 17.5- ton truck above the ground for an hour.

German adhesives company, Delo, earned the Guinness World Records title for world’s strongest glue with the trucky, claggy feat. Monopox VE403728 is an epoxy resin that forms a very dense network during heat curing.

A special filler – among other things – was used to modify the resin properties in order to achieve the extreme strength required for the world record. Two aluminium cylinders were bonded together, then two ring screws were inserted into the cylinders. The gummed-up cylinders were then shackled to an A220t truck-mounted crane so lifting could commence. Additional concrete slabs were used to increase the truck’s unladen weight of 13 tons to a total of 17.5 tons. The previous record, dating from 2013, was a measly 16.3 tons.

The record at tempt demanded the adhesive must not be commercially available and have a bonding area of just 40cm squared – about the size of a softdrink can. The object being lifted had to be held one metre above the ground for one hour.

A Delo spokesman said: “We at Delo wanted to prove that our adhesives are not only probably the fastest and most versatile adhesives in the world, but also the strongest ones.

“We had set ourselves nothing less than the world record for the strongest adhesive, officially recognised by Guinness World Records, and we’ve made it!”

Good on yer, Delo.

We’re betting the new gear doesn’t stick like Sikaflex to the seat of a new ute, but you guys get a big, sticky salute from WTW.

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