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Isuzu Power Solutions 6UZ Power Pack: Trusted Dependability

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From agriculture to general construction and everything in between, Isuzu Power Solution’s (IPS) ready-to-work 6UZ power pack is a standout power solution for a range of Australian applications.

The 6UZ is a Japanese-made engine well-known for its impressive fuel consumption, reduced noise, and extremely low maintenance needs. It is locally assembled and tested, boasting a 362hp, 9.8-litre, 6-cylinder, 6UZ, common-rail diesel engine power pack, and hails from IPS’s Made-to-Stock range of Power Units.

Spor ting tough, locally developed accessories, the 6UZ is suitable for tough Australian conditions, featuring a locally developed heavy-duty cooling package and a rugged, all-aluminium barand- plate construction rated to Australian conditions at 51°C.

Affordable and fuel efficient A key consideration for engine operators is fuel efficiency, along with reduced installation and ongoing operating costs. The 6UZ lays claim to a highly competitive fuel consumption of 55.8L/h running continuously at 1800rpm while producing 221kW/296hp.

Performance and reliability in service is backed up by rigorous local testing of each unit, while the IPS engineering philosophy of parts commonality presides. Each unit is rigorously tested in Australia and with the commonality of parts among the IPS range, installation and ongoing maintenance are made affordable and stress-free.

Backed by an extensive nationwide dealer footprint, with over 70 locations across the country, IPS offers a range of products that ‘never stop’, a quality that is non-negotiable when it comes to essential applications and services like agriculture, irrigation and water pumping.

For more information: https://powersolut ions.isuzu.com.au/solutions-range/power-units/

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