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IRWIN® VISE-GRIP Fast Release Locking Pliers

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Metal fabricators, electricians, mechanics, carpenters/builders and plumbers all have need for high-quality locking pliers. They really have 1001 uses. How does a hand tool suit such a vast number of trades and professionals? It comes down to thinking about all the angles, as the team at IRWIN has successfully done in the case of the new VISE-GRIP locking pliers. Construction using heat-treated alloy steel combines with clever design to give excellent durability, and the teeth not only line up well, but you can feel the quality and strength of the grips.

The VISE-GRIP range of locking pliers are renowned for coping with the harsh conditions of an Aussie work site, and with the new fast release options, they do not disappoint.

Test #1: Grip

What better place to start with a pair of IRWIN’s VISE-GRIP fast release locking pliers than testing the actual gripping strength?

To test this, I found some weighty metal material to grip and lift with the IRWIN pliers, and I used only hand strength to lock the pliers to the scrap. The result was a grip which held more weight than I could manually lift without doing myself an injury.

The new VISE-GRIP fast release locking pliers impressed. The curved-jaw plier allows for four equal points of pressure, making it ideal for heavy torque on any style on nut or bolt head, while the long, straight nose of the long-nose plier provides easy access in narrow, hard-to-reach places.

Test #2: Ease Of Use

As simple as it sounds, ease of use in locking pliers is the backbone of the tool.

IRWIN has implemented a one-handed, triggerless release, making it significantly easier to open than regular locking pliers. A 20% reduced hand span on the 10″ locking plier felt great and the improved control was obvious. These features combined make tight gripping even easier on objects like round pipes, square bolts and hex bolts.

Being so easy to use makes VISE-GRIP fast release locking pliers go-to equipment for working with high temperature applications or wet and greasy environments, and ideal in cramped workspaces where you simply cannot get a second hand on the job.

  • 20% reduced hand span for more control (Compared to previous VISE-GRIP® fast release design. Reduced hand span applies to 10″ and 11″ models only)
  • One-handed, triggerless release
  • Hex adjustment screw for adjusting pressure and work fit
  • Hardened teeth designed to grip from any angle

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Irwin

has built an impressive reputation on the back of quality tools like the VISE-GRIP locking plier range, and with a product history of nearly 100 years it’s no real surprise the tools continued to evolve and improve. Contractors and tradies are quick to see the importance of tools and you would be hard up to find a tool more common and widespread in toolboxes than VISE-GRIP locking pliers.

From clamping and holding a multitude of materials in awkward positions to manoeuvring small components into place while glueing or fixing, the new VISE-GRIP fast release locking pliers will get the job done. For pulling nails, removing rounded nuts and bolts, cutting wire and even replacing broken knobs or levers, VISE-GRIP fast release locking pliers have your back.

For more information visit www.irwin.com.au

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