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Introducing The Blundstone #984 New Style, Same Strength

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Premium nubuck leather used in the #984 can be worn with confidence in most environments.

The cool kid on the block, the #984 makes its mark on the safety footwear market with a nubuck upper that is updated and on trend for today’s wearers. A fresh update on the brand’s #992 and #997, the stone colour provides a variation on tried, trusted and loved products.

An extension of its hugely successful XFoot Rubber range, the Blundstone #984 has all the safety and comfort features found in the best-selling #992. When it was originally released in 2012, Blundstone’s XFoot Rubber range featured cutting-edge innovation offering a range of world-leading technological advances. This is still the case today, with the #984 leading the way with new updates of componentry and technology.

The premium nubuck leather used in the #984 has been treated to provide waterresistant properties. It can be worn with confidence in most environments. As with all leathers, simple maintenance and the use of waterproof spray and protective products will extend the life of the boots.

The outsole is heat resistant to temperatures up to at least 300ºC. It has a very high insulating value, providing short-term resistance to melting and cracks at higherthan- normal temperature ranges that may be encountered in most work environments. It also has excellent cut and slip resistance and is highly resistant to microbial attack. Additionally, it is resistant to oil, acid and organic fat. The rubber outsole has been designed with a deeper, 6mm, opentread pattern to specifically increase slip resistance in varied environments, including loose, irregular surfaces and muddy, rugged, outdoor conditions. The soles have a defined heel, which is the optimum design for loose surfaces and ladders, and the heel is slightly bevelled to greatly reduce the risk of slips in the ‘heel strike’ zone by increasing contact surface area.

The #994 has Blundstone’s ultimate Comfort Arch footbed, made from soft polyurethane. The footbed is covered with a full-length cushion of foam polyurethane and topped by a long-wearing mesh cover. It has an airflow and moisture-wicking system and also includes a large pad of XRD® Extreme Impact Protection under the ball of the foot. Blundstone was the first footwear company in Australasia to use PORON®XRD™ in underfoot comfort systems. Now utilising the more advanced XRD®Extreme Impact Protection which absorbs up to 90% of energy at highspeed impact with every step taken, it is designed to reduce workplace fatigue and orthopaedic problems in the lower back, legs and feet. XRD® Technology has been proven to provide superior impact absorption when compared to similar products and will continue to remain effective throughout the lifespan of the boots.

The top-of-the-range bamboo lining is designed specially to keep feet cool and comfortable. It’s thermal regulating, deodorising, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, breathable and quick drying. This lining keeps the feet dry and cool in hot conditions but also offers excellent insulation against the cold.

Where there is a risk a person may come in contact with a live electrical circuit, electrical-shock hazard footwear will provide the best possible protection against electrical-shock hazard. This boot is certified to ASTM F2413-18. Clause 5.6 for electrical-shock hazard resistance.

The #984 features a steel toe cap, recognised by many of Australia’s largest mining companies as the only approved material for safety caps. The boot includes a broadfitting, Type 1 steel toe cap proven to resist a 200-joule impact. Steel is the safest toe-cap material available, providing the highest level of resistance to punctures, cuts, and rolling side compression.

Additional features include a convenient, heavy-duty YKK zip with zip fastener, moulded TPU bump camp to increase durability, the 7-eyelet lace-up fit with lacelocking device and padded tongue and collar.

This boot is the perfect choice for industries like construction, mining, trades, transport, warehousing, landscaping, exploration, agriculture, building, forestry, docks and engineering. The new #984 is available in sizes 3–15, one of the largest size ranges of any Blundstone product.

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