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Introducing 3M Safetea Toolbox

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Do you struggle to talk to your workforce about safety? Not sure where to find information? 3M has launched a new 10-module 3M SafeTea Toolbox.

It provides the toolkit and platform you need to engage your workforce in a discussion about health, safety and long-latency occupational diseases. 3+ cards per module provide guidance on how to start a discussion, with open questions to ask, useful examples and prompts to keep things moving. Let’s engage your workforce in a discussion about safety with the 3M SafeTea Toolbox.

What Is Safetea?

It’s a free information source designed for health and safety managers. It is a 10-module toolbox talk framework for onsite health and safety managers, to help them lead a discussion about different topics relating to health and safety in the workplace. In the 3M SafeTea Toolbox you will find suggested techniques to run interactive 20-minute tea (or coffee) sessions. Topics covered include, Wellbeing, Slips and Trips and Fall Protection to name a few.

The module cards guide you through the discussion and enable you to include

your own company requirements. The modules are ideal for those who work across multiple sites and may have limited access to resources.

How Do I Get It?

Go to the Safe Tea Toolbox landing page and fill out a few details. You’ll receive an acknowledgement email. Click on the ‘Download’ button and, voila: you’ll have access to the modules when you need them. The modules are PDFs, so should be easy to download.

In addition, check the box to receive the 3M PSD monthly eNewsletter. The eNewsletter is packed with product and application information for 3M Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Check It Out Yourself

Feel free to download the modules from the following URLs:

AU: https://engage.3m.com/ SafeTeaToolbox_AU

NZ: https://engage.3m.com/SafeTeaToolbox_NZ

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