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Innovative Range Of Mack Work Boots Based On Running-Shoe Sole Technology

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Workers who suffer from sore feet when wearing work boots all day will finally get the necessary stability and suppor t from Mack’s new Torque range of boots, featuring new midsole technology for all-day comfort, durability and fatigue reduction.

The unique new midsole technology, called modRIDE, has been biomechanically designed to deliver a modulated ride from heel strike to toe off. The sole geometry is specifically engineered to provide reduced resistance to compression z nes that need cushioning and increased resistance in areas where additional stability is desired.

The midsole design, based on the latest runningshoe technology, consists of unique waffle zones on the inside and outside of the boots. These waffle zones offer compression for cushioning the foot at heel strike, and unique waffle stiffness to guarantee stability on the inner side of the shoe for a supportive walking gait.

The new Torque range of work boots consists of five styles in the latest colours to cover a cross section of roles and occupations requiring safety footwear.

Other features include:
• Premium-grade, full-grain leather uppers
• Steel safety toecap (on all styles except the Mack Cruise)
• Anti-static protection
• An integrated bumper cap for longevity
• Heat (to 150°C), water and fuel/oil resistance
• A soft, yet structured, ankle collar for added comfort and support
• A lower non-sl ip sole that per forms exceptionally well on both rough and flat terrains.

The fitting profile of the new Torque Safety Boots also suits those with a wider foot and with both zip and non-zip versions, slip-on leather styles, and the choice of a lower ankle (hikingstyle) option in the Torque Shift Boot, the range will suit most workers.

The New Mack Torque range consists of five styles, including Mack Force, Mack Force Zip, Mack Shift Zip, Mack Hub and Mack Cruise.

Stability waffle zone, added stiffness for a supportive walking gait.

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