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Ingco 2-Piece Self-Adjustingwrench Set

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The Ingco self-adjusting wrenches – also called Bent wrenches – are ideal for plumbing, carpentry, mechanical and garden work.

They feature a unique head design that easily grips and releases various bolt sizes, providing a convenient all-in-one tool. They’re also the solution to problems with taps, valves, pipes and piping, radiators, boilers, wheels and so forth. Simply position the wrench head around the material to engage, then press the wrench head forward or pull the jaw up to release. One-handed operation makes it easy to use.

The set includes one double-key wrench (9mm to 14mm range and 15mm to 22mm range), and one single-key wrench (22mm to 32mm range). They’re made from durable, corrosion-resistant, chrome-plated carbon steel. Each wrench has ergonomic grip handles for enhanced operator comfort and increased productivity, and a slim profile for better access to tight areas. Recommended retail is A$19.90.

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