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Imalent Ms18 Torch

by admin

“That’s not a torch. This is a torch.”

That’s what that Crocodile Dunny would’ve said back in the 1980s if he’d seen this hand-held deathstar.

Yessir. With a maximum output of 100,000 lumens, the Imalent makes Kathy Freeman’s lighting of the Olympic torch look like a Bic disposable at a Guns N’ Roses stadium gig. This thing will throw a beam – to quote another Aussie icon – that’ll ‘dazzle cows, kangas and koalas’. On the top setting the beam will throw 1350 metres. There’s even a Youtube video where a bloke sets a piece of paper on fire with it.

We want one so bad!

Unfortunately, the $915 price tag stunned us more than the beam on the high-power setting. We’ll have to make do with the light we got from the servo (it has a magnet on the back, so it’s high-tech).

We couldn’t find any bricks-and-mortar shops with the MS18 on the shelf in Australia, but there are heaps of Aussie online stores claiming to have stock. Have a look at maxbeamaustralia. com.au or liteshop.com.au.

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