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Hudway Glass Head-Up Display

by admin

Head-up displays – HUDs – are fricken awesome. That’s all there is to that.

Pilots use ’em, and so do expensive cars. They’re basically a see-through projection. In cars the speedo and GPS info is reflected up on to the windscreen so the driver can see it without taking his – or her – eyes off the road. It works because when the angle’s right, the inside of the windscreen is reflective, even though the driver can see through it.

It’s cool as.

Now there’s a little gadget that lets busted-bum punters – like us – experience a head-up display as well.

It’s a tricky little holder for the phone with a flip-glass top. The rig sits on the dashboard, you set the angle of the glass so you can see the info, and you’re away, navigating away like crazy – not watching videos or reading texts. That would be very wrong.

You have to download an app, of course. That’s the way life is these days.

The Hudson Glass HUD goes for about $100 from stores like Harvey Norman and The Australian Geographic Store, but it’s also available from every retail website in the universe.

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