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HRD Heavy-Duty Coathanger

by editor

What kind of total pelican would you have to be to pay $119 for a coathanger?

The kind who edits a tradie magazine, apparently.

Yes, What Tradies Want’s editor saved his lunch money for two days and bought himself an HRD heavyduty coathanger.

These things are just like a regular coathanger, but can hold 80kg. They’re made from anodised aluminium with CNC-machined billet ends, will rotate through 360 degrees, and have a hook as standard equipment.

Okay, while we still think the editor is a bit of an impulsedriven slapper sometimes…a lot of the time – nearly all the time – there’s actually a good purpose behind this top Aussie kit. HRD hangers are designed to hold tactical gear, emergency equipment, wedding dresses and other valuable, heavy clobber. The editor reckons he bought his one for his motorcycle leathers, but we saw ‘wedding dress’ and remembered that time we caught him dancing in the tea room wearing only an apron.

We thought, ‘Hmm’.

We’ll be totally supportive of his gender uncertainty, of course.

Anyhoo, e-mail [email protected] and they’ll organise everything. The hanger is $99, and the other $20 was for shipping. It’s a seriously good coathanger, and it’s Aussie, so it’s fricken awesome.

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