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How To Pick The Right Pair Of Boots

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Workplace environments and risk factors vary enormously, so choosing the correct footwear is imperative. Work health and safety risk assessments should be considered before choosing footwear protection.

Fit for purpose
Choose appropriate footwear for the intended use, thinking about where you will be wearing them and what you will be doing.

Safety toe cap
Blundstone manufactures safety footwear using both steel and composite toe caps.

Both comply with Australian safety standards and offer 200-joule impact resistance. However, if your feet are exposed to the risk of repetitive impacts, penetration or cutting hazards or electrical hazards, Blundstone recommends footwear with a steel safety toe cap.

Quality uppers
Always select footwear manufactured with materials that are breathable, protective and supportive. This is vital for good foot health. 

Leather is an ideal choice for footwear as it will naturally shape to the foot over time and can be treated to provide water resistance while remaining breathable. With advances in technology, quality uppers also provide breathable, lightweight options.

Sole design and material
Always ensure the tread pattern on your boots offers suitable slip resistance.

Working on rough or muddy surfaces will need a deeper tread than working on concrete flooring or in transport. A defined heel is an important feature for using ladders or gantries.

The heat resistance of the outsole is also important for many industries. Make sure you select boots that have a higher heat resistance (300ºC) if you are working where your boots could be exposed to hotter surfaces.

If you need increased ankle or calf protection, a boot with laces and/or a zip for personalised fit adjustment could be the most suitable option.

If you take your boots off several times a day, a zip-side or elastic-side design provides easy on, easy off convenience. If you are jumping out of trucks, a lightweight safety jogger might be the perfect choice.

There is a Blundstone work boot for nearly every environment.

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