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Hot Devil Ultimate Blow Torch

by editor

Hot Devil has a new offering for tradies, artists, craftspeople and anyone looking to turn up the heat. The Ultimate Blow Torch can solder, heatshrink, loosen off rusted nuts and bolts, strip paint, complete auto work, and preheat metal for welding purposes.

It can even get the firepit roaring. The sky’s the limit.

Fitted with a stainless-steel burner tube and anti-flare gas nozzle, the Hot Devil Ultimate Blow Torch has been designed and constructed with safety in mind, allowing the job to be done easily and safely. The auto ignition takes a simple click to get the torch started after turning on the gas from the adjustable flame knob, and stable safety base allows the torch to stand on its own, giving excellent control to position a work piece.

The torch is packaged empty, but it’s an easy process to fill using a butane cannister. With a temperature of up to 1350ºC there is a huge range of potential tasks to suit the Ultimate Blow Torch.

To help us out with our review we caught up with sculptor Matthew Wilcock from Outfall Art. Matt was working on several unique metal pieces he had salvaged from the ocean floor in and around Sydney’s waterways.

“I use a forge to heat all my larger chain links and sections of steel,” he said, “but this process can be overkill on a lot of my delicate pieces due to the significant heat involved. I used the Hot Devil Ultimate Blow Torch this week to roll lengths of thin section of metal rod into shapes which I incorporate into my larger pieces. I also found that using the torch to preheat my metal before welding produced a much deeper, solid weld.

“Finally, I also create custom hanging systems for a lot of my wall art out of thin strips of metal and wire. The Ultimate Blow Torch made this shaping process quick and easy.”

It couldn’t be easier to set up and get started. As mentioned, you’ll need to fill the torch first by pushing the butane canister nozzle into the base. Once filled there is a small red cap which needs to be removed to activate the auto ignition. Then, after turning the gas adjustment knob anticlockwise, you’re ready to fire up and rip in.

Holding the unit in your hand or sitting it on a table or bench and moving the work around the flame are both great ways to use the torch. It just depends on the project.

This is a powerful little torch, and, in our testing, we used it across several different applications, from preheating various sections of metal before welding, to Matt from Outfall Art creating various shapes and elements from metal rod. The torch has a large ergonomic grip which makes it easy to hold and control. Matt did have to work the torch in some different situations and found it great to use regardless of the angles.

“Due to the shape of many of my sculptures I often end up in some awkward positions and angles when working,” said Matt. “The Ultimate Blow Torch felt great in the hand. Most importantly, it was easy to control for more detailed precision work. The heatadjustment knob wasn’t overly sensitive like some other torches I have used, and once set it didn’t creep up or down when in use.

“Lastly, the solid base was great for me as I often have to twist and turn thin metal pieces in pliers to get the shapes. I need a solid base so I can safely place the torch on the workbench and move my pliers and piece in and around the flame as required.”

Ease, simplicity and flexibility are the strengths of this torch.

It’s just so easy to use, and that makes it ideal for a wide range of tasks for tradies at work and at play. The all-black finish is pretty stealth-looking, which we liked, and the base means if it’s going to live in the garage or workshop, you can stand it up on a shelf ready to grab for your next project.
Visit: www.hotdevil.com.au

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