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Hot Devil Trade Map Twin Turbo Torch Kit

by editor

Hot Devil has gone turbo with its new Trade Map Gas Twin Turbo Torch. With the inclusion of dual burners this torch is producing hotter temperatures up to 25% quicker than even Hot Devil’s own other top-shelf torch. There are 101 uses for a torch of this nature, but if you don’t necessarily need the dual burner for all applications, Hot Devil has included a secondary adjustment knob to give the choice of one or two burners, making it the only torch on the market with this option. Ignition has never been easier, with an autoignition button on the base of the burner tubes. Ease of use is right up there, and the inclusion of a 360-degree swivel head adds to the torch’s versatility. The inclusion of quality brass components means the torch will last on tough worksites and, to give complete peace of mind, Hot Devil has included an impressive 5-year warranty.

There isn’t really an easier set up than with this product. The torch head easily screws onto the trade map gas cylinder – make sure it’s secured nice and tight and you won’t have any dramas – turn on the top gas-adjustment nozzle all the way so you can hear the gas coming through, click the auto ignition and you are away, with twin turbo flames for circular-wrapping heat performance.

The second adjustment nozzle for the second burner is again extremely straightforward to turn on and off.

For this test I caught up with my old school mate Bill Spoljaric from BSP Plumbing, a plumber and gas fitter for three decades. Bill had various sizes of copper pipe to test the heat of the Hot Devil, right up to 40mm.

Bill shared, “The heat produced from this Twin Turbo Torch is impressive. You can instantly feel the torch’s power. It’s extremely quick to get even 40mm copper up to the right temperatures for silver soldering.

“I do actually own an existing portable system like this one,” said Bill, “but it isn’t close to achieving the heat and speed of this Twin Turbo Torch.

“This would be perfect for any tradie requiring substantial performance for quick jobs or tasks where access is an issue, or where the much larger and time-consuming set up of an oxy either isn’t possible or just not worth the set-up time.

“I personally would use this for multi-level apartments, or in tight spaces like under sinks or houses. The 360-degree swivel head is also a great feature for working comfortably in awkward conditions.”

The Hot Devil Trade Map Twin Turbo Torch Kit has smashed our testing with excellent results, and Bill’s comment that it was the most powerful portable system he had ever used was the perfect summary of the torch.

The fact this performance is matched by substantial build quality, and the added feature of dual burners that can be reduced to a single burner, makes this a go-to product for tradies needing the flexibility and versatility of a truly professional, portable, high-performance torch system.

I can see this torch being perfect for any tradie, DIY guy, or even ar tist or craftsperson with the need for substantial portable performance and an extremely quick set-up time.

The 5-year warranty and solid brass assembly speaks volumes to Hot Devil’s quality construction and confidence in its product.

Visit: www.hotdevil.com.au

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