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Hot Devil Trade Map Twin Turbo Torch Kit

by editor

Hot Devil has gone turbo with its new Trade Map Gas Twin Turbo Torch. Thanks to dual burners, the new torch runs up to 25% hotter temperatures, and gets to those temperatures even quickerthan ever.

If the second burner isn’t needed for a job, Hot Devil has included a secondary adjustment knob allowing the use of just a single burner, making it the only torch on the market with this option.

An auto-ignition button and a 360-degree swivel head makes the torch easy to use and very versatile, and quality brass components mean it’s tough. It’s so tough Hot Devil gives a whopping 5-year warranty.

Connect the torch head to the Trade Map gas cylinder, turn on the top gas-adjustment valve all the way so you can hear the gas coming through, then click the auto ignition. You’re instantly set up with circular-wrapping heat performance.

It’s extremely quick to get even 40mm copper up to the right temperatures for silver soldering and is ideal for any tradie needing high performance for quick jobs or where access is a problem.

The whole rig has a substantial build quality and great features, and it makes this a go-to product for tradies needing the flexibility and versatility of a truly professional, portable, high-performance torch system.

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