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HOT Devil Super OXY Blow Torch Kit

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Hot Devil is an Australian-owned company known for its high-quality gas torches and soldering irons, and its previous addition of the portable OXY was a real game changer.

Now there’s an upgrade available to the portable OXY kit: the Hot Devil Super OXY Blow Torch kit. The unit before was great, but now it feels even more robust and better built. There’s the addition of fuel and oxygen gauges and a second set of valves on the torch handle for quicker, easier setup and more precise flames, and the stand has also had an upgrade. Its construction is more robust and durable, which also bumps up its safety.


Well, this one is a no-brainer.

You have a small job in the fourth-floor apartment with no elevator. It’s a 10-minute job and only needs a quick elbow and some solder. The Hot Devil can be lifted with a finger, takes up no space and can easily be carried in a tool bag with other gear, all at the same time up those flights of stairs.

You could probably be back to your ute and finished before Ol’ Mate got his big OXY kit off the truck.

Portability is the most significant advantage of the Super OXY blow torch kit.


The Super OXY blow torch ki t is straightforward to set up and use. The addition of the second set of fuel and oxygen valves on the torch head means you can now just open up the bottle valves and get really fine adjustments using the torch-head valves. Getting the flame right for different applications is easy once you get the hang of it.

The most significant ease of use though, is getting it out of your ute. No more broken backs or strained shoulders. Best of all, no more two-man job of carrying an oxy bottle each up the stairs. If you need to share the load of the Hot Devil Super OXY blow torch kit, there’s something wrong.


The build quality is excellent. Fittings are solid brass with easy-to-read fuel and oxygen gauges, and it can all be lifted by a finger. The portability is second to none, especially for a bit of gear like this. It will get in and out of all those small jobs with minimal downtime. You get around 20 minutes of burn time, which is a lot of quick, brazed-solder joins. It obviously wouldn’t be very economical to rough in an entire job with the Hot Devil Super OXY kit. It would probably cost you a fair bit more in fuel and oxygen. But the big money saver is in labour for the small jobs that don’t need to get the big OXY bottles out on.

The Hot Devil Super OXY Blow Torch Kit is a quality piece of gear and a real time saver. Another quality product from a trusted name in gas torches and soldering irons. Don’t be sorry when you buy the inferior competitors – remember the poor man buys twice.

Visit: www.hotdevil.com.au

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