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Hot Devil release stable gas torch

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Hot DevHOT DEVILil products have released the HD8087 gas blowtorch, a functional new Map/Pro torch with an innovative base plate for stability and an easy-to-use auto-igniting trigger head.

Hot Devil Products Managing Director, Leo Nech told WTW the innovations came after extensive consultation with the industry. “Tradies told us many gas blowtorches are unstable and can topple over quite easily, so we manufactured a product that has a removable base to ensure the torch is stable,” Leo said.

He added that other functions like the auto-igniting trigger head – which has a locking device for easier operation – had been embraced by those who tried it.”

“They love it,” he said. “They asked us why nobody had ever done it before.”

The Hot Devil HD8087 also features a new, longer handle for comfortable use and an anti-flare mechanism. It is ideal for applications such a heavy duty soldering, brazing copper tube and general heating applications such as loosening rusted nuts and bolts.www.hotdevil.com.au

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