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Honeywell Miller Aircore Construction Harness/ Turbolite Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline

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You can never be too cautious when putting workers into areas with increased risks – like working at height. Regardless of the type of site, workers’ safety should always come first, and it’s impossible to overstate the importance of being adequately trained in the ABCs of fall-prevention equipment, along with the correct fitting of the harness.

The best harness in the world won’t save you if it’s not correctly fitted and connected.

Honeywell Miller has been taking care of construction workers and tradies working at heights for many years. Not just to ensure the workers’ wellbeing, but also to ensure comfort.

The Miller AirCore Construction Harness is a lightweight, full-body harness designed with open-core padding technology and patented Miller DuraFlex stretchable Duraclean webbing for increased comfort. It’s been made to be as light as possible while still being durable and easy to adjust, thanks to the inclusion of quick-operating cam buckles. An 18kN chest buckle gives extra security and long-lasting aluminium hardware will stand the test of time.

The harness is an essential part of the equation, but the other 50% of the mix is the all-important self-retracting lifeline. Honeywell Miller’s new TurboLite Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline is the latest in fall-protection applications for working on edges.

The Honeywell TurboLite Edge System is rated for workers up to 140kg, well-suited to an individual’s personal profile, and includes an integrated shock-absorber webbing to keep the lifeline intact in the event of a fall over an edge.

Test #1: Harness Comfort and Build

Stepping into the harness for the first time is a straightforward process. Chest, shoulder and leg straps are all easy to find and adjust to suit a wide range of body types. We were particularly impressed by the comfort, fit and weight of the 1.8kg harness. Given the solid-aluminium front D-ring and stand-up rear fall-arrest buckles, we were expecting it to be heavier.

The visibility factor is also worth mentioning, with the hi-vis colours on the strapping making it easy for others to see workers wearing the harness from a distance. The AirCore Harness also looks as good as it feels, meaning workers will be happier wearing the system.

I admit it was winter as we were testing the harness, so overheating wasn’t really a problem, but it still felt as comfortable and cool after several hours of wear as it did for the initial 20 minutes. The material does breathe well, allowing heat to dissipate.

  • Lightweight components
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Quick-operating cam buckles
  • Quick-connect chest and leg buckles
  • Heavy-duty 18kN chest buckle
  • Aluminium frontal D-ring

Test #2: Usability of The Turbolite Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline

There is no questioning the innovation and technology that has gone into this system and the Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline, fully Certified to EN360: 2002, VG11 (Rev 08) edge tested. There are several options available with varied length webbing (2m, 2.75m and 3.65m), along with single and twin configurations.

Finally, multiple anchorage-connector options include scaffhook steel with swivel, snaphook steel with swivel, TAK steel with swivel, and scaffhook alum with swivel.

The TurboLite EXTREME model uses a cable instead of webbing and is available in either the 2m or 2.75m length. The cable lifeline is galvanised and comes in either single or twin configuration with a variety of lifeline-connector options. You would go for this option when edges are not an issue.

Honeywell Miller Turbolite Edge

  • 140kg weight capacity
  • Working lengths from 2m to 3.65m
  • Quicker, easier installation
  • Free-floating shock absorber
  • Lower cost of ownership

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

As long as it is worn correctly this product is going to be a true lifesaver.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of stories of workers wearing fall-prevention equipment having fallen to their death as a result of not connecting the lifeline or wearing the harness correctly. The team at Honeywell Miller has made an amazing product with class-leading technology and comfort. Embrace it in the way it has been designed to be worn and you will still make it home for dinner at night, even if there’s been an incident. 

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