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Honeywell Industrial Safety is the world’s largest personal protective equipment (PPE) and solutions provider.

Honeywell is committed to protect men and women exposed to risks in all types of industries and work environments. Honeywell drives its design and manufacture of high quality equipment to meet the wide variety of workers safety needs. The company’s core focus is keeping people safe.


Combining advanced technology, comfort and ergonomic features, Honeywell offers the most complete line of PPE from the world’s most respected safety brands, including Honeywell Miller, Honeywell Howard Leight, Oliver Footwear and Honeywell Salisbury. Honeywell’s network of manufacturing, support, and safety specialists is comprised of more than 127,000 people around the world, including over 22,000 engineers. With sales and service locations spanning six continents, local support from safety specialists is always just around the corner.

Head To Toe

From firefighting to construction, Honeywell Industrial Safety’s brands are united to create a unique set of solutions with offerings in: gas detection; fall, hearing and respiratory protection; and foot, head, eye, face and hand protection.

A Culture Of Workplace Safety

Building a safety culture is a new philosophy of preventing injury in the workplace. Safety is no longer something defined and enforced by management. Rather, it becomes the right and responsibility of each and every employee. When workers embrace safety standards and better safety behaviours, they can regulate their own safety much more effectively and consistently. In successful cultures, workers become partners in the transformation of their worksite into safer environments, and instinctively make safer choices on their own — for the safety and protection of themselves and their co-workers.

Customised Training And Support

Behaviour-based education and training have become critical elements in building a culture of safety. Honeywell Industr ial Safety solutions include comprehensive safety education and services, encompassing a diverse range of topics such as safety management, proper usage, hazard prevention, compliance, and equipment repair and maintenance. Knowledgeable safety exper ts and consul tants implement behaviour-based programs that enable efficient organisational learning and adoption of best practices. Safety tools and materials specially designed to help workers practice safe behaviours over time are incorporated. IDEAL PARTNERS

Honeywell Industrial Safety is helping build an enduring culture of safety through comprehensive education, innovative technologies, and easy-to-use, high-performance products that inspire workers to make safer choices. It’s the ideal partner for organisations committed to a cultural transformation that minimises injuries and maintains a safer, more productive workplace.

From head to toe, Honeywell Industrial Safety has you covered.

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