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Honeywell Easy Earplug Dispensing

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The Honeywell HL400 earplug dispenser is a lightweight and durable dispenser that, with the twist of a knob, delivers any Howard Leight disposable earplug.

It’s refillable and extremely easy to implement into any construction, mining or industrial site.

The issue of providing easy access to the correct hearing protection for employees and site visitors of has now been solved. Matching the correct earplug and size to the right work environment has never been easier. The key is offering a variety of earplugs on the job, not just one. The Max disposable earplugs are the world’s most used polyurethane foam earplugs and are designed for maximum protection in high-noise environments. The Max Lite and Laser Lite disposable earplugs are intended for smaller ear canals.

The Multi Max features two sizes in one earplug to reduce inventory and offer a size choice without having to change plugs.

The X-Treme is a brightly coloured, tapered earplug that ensures compliance and encourages 100% wear time.

The 300 Series features polyurethane foam which is soft to touch and comfortable in your ear.

Choose the protection that best fits your workers.

For more information visit www.honeywellsafety.com 

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