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Honda’s New HRN Mower Range

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The grass is certainly greener when you have the right mower on your side and Honda has yet again raised the bar with the recent release of its brand new, powerful, lean, mean mowing machines – the HRN216 mower range. With three HRN216 models to choose from in this new range—the HRN216PKU, HRN216VKU and the HRN216VYU – depending on your mowing needs and budget, you are bound to find one of the three a perfect match for your lawn.

Packing A Punch

Honda has said these all-new HRN mowers offer a powerful new GCV170 engine, rugged design and are packed with features that provide an easy, comfortable mowing experience and the smooth, groomed finish lawn enthusiasts aspire to.

Judging by the sound of the HRN’s new engine, it will be perfect to tackle thick, heavy grass as it delivers more power and torque than any other mower in its class.

That’s music to the ears of those who know the struggles of lugging a gutless mower around the yard in the hot summer sun.

Below Deck

Maintenance is also a breeze with the HRNs as they offer a larger-than-most fuel-tank spout, easier oil changes and reliable, dependable starting and restarting. Two of the HRN variants (the VYU and VKU) have technologically innovative features like the Adjustable Smart Drive® system that allows for ease of speed variation with the press of a wide paddle control on the handlebar.

Under the deck, they all feature precision-crafted blades with the exclusive Honda Twin Blade MicroCut System® for exact cutting and fine mulching at any height. Finer grass clippings make better mulch and, when bagged, take less capacity in the grass bag.

Do It

Sounds like it’s time to upgrade!

Go on, make your life easier, get your weekends back and start to enjoy mowing again. Honda has heard your cries of frustration and delivered these new machines to get that lawn shorn quicker, smoother and above all with less effort.

For more information visit www.powerequipment.honda.com.au/

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