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Efficiency efficiency efficiency. In a time poor world the push is for products – and people – that work faster and harder, last longer, do more, require less maintenance and all without making too much noise.

Power tools are no different and Hitachi reckons the solution is in brushless motors, citing a 30 per cent increase in efficiency between their brush and brushless models. They state their new range of brushless tools have more power and are smaller and lighter than their carbon brushed counterparts.
Hitachi also say that computer technology also comes into play. “Because a microprocessor controls the motor instead of mechanical brushes it can precisely control the speed of the motor, improving efficieny,” a Hitachi spokesperson said.
We wanted to find out just what all this meant on the worksite, so we grabbed a bunch of Hitachi brushless tools and their brush counterparts and hit ‘em with some Tradie Tough Tests.

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