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Hitachi 4ah battery tested by WTW

by admin

The crew at Hitachi have released a new 4 amp hour battery that works on all their standard 18v slide battery systems. Almost identical in size and weight to the 3 amp hour battery yet with 33 per cent more runtime the 4 amp hour battery comes with all the technology and electronic protection mechanisms in the 3 amp hour model including single cell monitoring and overload protection.

WTW compared the two batteries punching in 75mm batten screws to LVL – without letup – on the same impact driver with a one hour break between tests.  We found their statement of a 33 per cent increase was bang on the money. That increase translated to a hefty six minutes additional runtime in the toughest of tests, equating to an additional 25 batten screws for a total of 83 screws before battery fatigue. Boom!

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