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HIKMICRO Panther PQ50L Thermal Scope

by editor

Thermal scopes are cool (get that! Thermal? Cool? Ha!)

The PQ50L thermal sight features a 640px × 512px 12um core with a NETD of <35mk (the most sensitive on the market) coupled with a 1024px × 768px OLED display, a high-quality fast F1.0 50mm lens and a laser rangefinder accurate to 600m. ThePanther is designed to ensure a clear image in harsh environmental conditions such as darkness, fog, smoke, dust, rain, snow and forest, making it the best choice for hunting large game at longer distances, or small game at medium distances.

This one is available from Aussie hunting-andweapons stores and websites. They normally sell for around $7500, but as we were looking around, nightvision.com.au had them on special for $7124 plus the usual postage and handling.

That’s a chunk of Johnny Cash. We tried aiming one at the editor’s arse after he’d woofed into a handful of jalapeños, but the scope didn’t show a burning ring of fire.

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