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Polish skydiver Maja Kuczyńska and race pilot Łukasz Czepiela had this idea about how Maja would jump out of the plane, do some wild shit, the plane would try and copy that wild shit, and hopefully no one would end up on episode of Air Crash Investigations.

Those crazy kids.
Maja’s been skydiving since she was a little tacker and was a junior world champion at one stage. She’s now 22, lives in Poland, and does this kind of wacky caper when the mood is on her and when a large energy-drink company stumps up a ’chute-load of zlotys.

Up they went, into the sky above Slovenia. Maja flung herself out of the cockpit and started and doing all kinds of spins, flops, twirls and other impressive aerobatic stuff. Here she is looking around and, possibly, wondering just where the hell is the aircraft that’s supposed to be copying her.

Seeing as the pilot was smart enough to stay in the plane, we’re betting he took a firm hold on his joystick, giggled to himself that Maja thought he was seriously going to join in, and was on his way back to the airport kiosk for a ham-cheese-andtomato kransky.

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