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HIA Top Tips for Managing Your Small Business

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HIA has published a series of practical guides to help you become business all-rounders.

Do you feel like some days you’re a tradie, other days you have to be an advertising executive or an accountant or an IT expert? Today’s small business owners wear many hats as they juggle the multitude of jobs needed to drive success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Many business owners can feel intimidated by the complexity of today’s business procedures; and with technology, regulations and financial markets constantly changing, it’s often difficult to find and access accurate advice.

Recognising the challenges facing its members, HIA has put together the Small Business Information Series – a set of guides and infosheets aimed specifically at the needs of business owners in the housing industry. The guides are complemented by a series of webinars (online seminars) which can be viewed online.

The guides and webinars take a comprehensive look at a range of topics that most business owners find challenging.  They’re designed to provide you with accessible, useable tips and techniques for generating effective marketing strategies and more efficient business systems.

The series broadly covers four main areas. These include:

  • marketing and communication
  • business planning
  • management systems
  • business administration.

Within each area, the guides and infosheets take you through, in a clear, simple, step-by-step format, specifics such as accounting concepts; how to write marketing and business plans, how to improve your website, online marketing tips and business systems.

Importantly, the guides include practical tools such as checklists, contact lists, worksheets and case studies, enabling you to easily apply your new-found knowledge and strategies directly to your business.

So if you want to know how to make your business work harder for you, visit hia.com.au or contact your local HIA office to find out more about the Small Business Information Series.


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