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Heard About The Honda Enduro Deal?

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You may have heard about Honda’s new CRF450L which offers enduro and trail riders a durable, road-legal, easy-to-own, low-maintenance beast that has surprised even the most die-hard of riders from their first test ride – as an awesome machine with all the power they’d ever need.

It is based off Honda’s CRF450R motocrosser after all, but then when you look at it, it’s quite different. For starters, the 450L has a six-speed gearbox instead of a five-speed. The sixth gear changes quite a lot about the bike’s set up – wider transmission, wider frame to house the gearbox and changes to the swing-arm pivot, chassis and so on.

The engine has been designed for ultimate longevity, which is always highly apparent with any Honda, but the triple-ring piston further pushes that durability envelope to make sure you spend more time out on those trails.

A weekend ‘get-off-the-grid’ ride with mates would be just what the doctor ordered, so the CRF450L is looking mighty fine for not only the off-road components, but riding her from the garage straight to the campsite, no trailer – yeah that’ll do just fine.

Right now, Honda is offering a choice, too: pick up a new CRF450L and you’ll get $1500 off and a set of Battlecross E50 Bridgestone tyres, (fully ADR compliant); or you can opt for a limited-run LX kit valued at $2600 – which your dealer will fit for you – making it a CRF450LX. The kit includes the tyres (Battlecross E50 Bridgestone tyres) plus full FMF exhaust system, Vortex ECU and CRF450LX sticker kit.

Ripper deal – the choice is yours.

For more information on the CRF450L visit  https://motorcycles.honda.com. au/Off_Road_Enduro/CRF450L

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