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Have you got the POWER?

by admin

Tradies all over Australia are about to take on the ultimate POWER UP CHALLENGE. Have you got what it takes to be Australia’s Most Powerful Tradie?

If you’ve got the power to take an object and make it bigger and better than ever was before then you could win a brand new V6 turbo diesel Nissan Navara ST-X 550 worth over $65,000 as well as two incredible runner’s up power trips and a host of one-of- a- kind weekly powered up prizes created by Nissan.

The national competition developed by Nissan celebrates the launch of the 170Kw / 550Nm V6 turbo diesel Navara ST-X 550, Australia’s Most Powerful Tradie,  Tradie’s build things and make them better so the Navara Power up Challenge is a great way to celebrate the V6 diesel Navara and Australia’s ultimate ‘tradie creativity’.

Nissan Navara’s power duo, Mick and Geoff have started the ball rolling by creating their own one-of-a-kind power ups that will be given away as prizes to recognize the best entrants over the next nine weeks:

Mick and Geoff’s Power Ups include powered up eskys, BBQs, lawnmowers, sofas, alarm clocks with truck horns and even a powered up surfboard complete with engine and camera to record your awesome surfing power moves.

These are just a few powerful ideas to get you thinking.

Get Powered Up by following the simple steps below…

1)  Visit facebook.com/nissannavaraaus & click on the Navara Power Up Challenge link to the left of the page

2)  Take the Power Up Brief from Mick and Jeff

3)  Go away and Power Up your stuff

4)  Enter your Power Up image or video

5)  Every week for nine weeks we are giving away some of Mick and Jeff’s Power Ups

6)  If your power up gets into the final then you could WIN a stack of powerful stuff including power trips to the top end Barramundi fishing, or off to New Zealand driving monster trucks and dune buggies along with a heap of other powered up activities.

Entries close on September 10 so get your power skates on!

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