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Hard Yakka launches fire retardent workwear

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Hard Yakka today launched Hard Yakka Protect with TECGEN SELECT®, a new range of inherent fire retardant (FR) workwear

that offers oil,gas, electrical and mine workers a great combination of comfort and protection from arc flash, flash fire and heat stress.

The new FR range from Australia’s iconic and toughest workwear brand, meets and exceeds the most stringent fire safety stan

dards, currently set in the USA. Hard Yakka Protect with TECGEN SELECT fabric technology also meets Australian and New Zealand Standards for High Visibility.

In addition to great protection a Hard Yakka spokesperson said the range is the lightest weight FR workwear available in Australia which mee

ts NFPA Hazard Risk Category 2 (HRC 2) requirements of Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) 8 cal/cm2 or above.

The spokesperson added that tests conducted by internationally renowned independent laboratory Precision Testing Laboratories found Hard Yakka Protect with TECGEN SELECT shirts to be on average 25% lighter and pants 14% lighter than FR competitors who also meet HRC 2 requirements. The test results showed the range to be 63 – 68% more breathable than competitors and wicks sweat on average 15% better.

This means workers can stay cool inside and avoid burns on the outside. In hot climates or extremely labour intensive work, some tradespeople forgo the traditionally heavy FR workwear in order to stay cool and comfortable. This includes opting for cotton based workwear with no FR qualities, which is one of the worst types of workwear to be wearing in the case of an arc flash or flash fire – both of which can occur spontaneously.

Dr Howard de Torres, burns specialist and plastic surgeon, said: “Cotton explodes and is not recommended to be worn anywhere near any kind of fire… Prevention is definitely better than the cure.” According to Hard Yakka, the Protect garments are self-extinguishing.

The inherent Fire Retardant fabric, TECGEN SELECT, was designed and developed in North America to offer the highest level of protection and comfort to those exposed to such spontaneous events. The inherent fabric ensures that the fire retardant qualities won’t wash or wear out and the self-extinguishing nature of the fabric means it acts fast to reduce the extent and severity of burns to the body.

Hard Yakka TECGEN pants

In Australia, the Bi National Burns Registry 20111 found that 14 per cent of adult burn injuries occurred at an industrial and construction area or a trade and service area. 15.2 per cent were working for income at the time of injury. 44 per cent of all cases were caused by flame, 4.7 per cent by chemicals and 1.7 per cent electrical events.

TECGEN SELECT has been rolled out across global workwear brands now worn by American Airlines, Los Angeles Utilities, Express Energy, General Electric and Honeywell and now it’s styled the Hard Yakka way to ensure tradespeople in Australia enjoy wearing it”.

Hard Yakka Protect with award winning2 TECGEN SELECT

fabric technology will be available in June 2013 from safety specialist workwear and PPE distributors, specialist workwear stores, Hard Yakka Workwear Centres and www.hardyakka.com.au

The range comes in hi vis shirts, coveralls and pants and prices range from $180.00 for cargo pants to $350.00 for coveralls with 3M FR reflective tape.

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