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A lot of nations aren’t as resourceful as good ol’ Aussie. They can’t get the hang of blocking one nostril at a time and firing a bushman’s bullet onto the grass or hedge some metres away. No. They have to gob their pesky snorkies into a handkerchief, tissue, or theapprentice’s jacket while he’s in the Portaloo.

Over time these snottygobbles go hard and crusty and can make the whole nose-blowing experience just a little uncomfortable.

Our American friends, world-leaders in everything that smells, have come up with this little gem. The Hankybook basically has a few blurt cloths between two covers, a bit like a book. The idea is to use each ‘page’ only once, thus ensuring convenience and hygiene, two things essential to everyday Americans.

The used hankies go in the wash, so any germs which were involved in the mucous migration can be shared through the whole wardrobe, and the website assures us the Hankybook helps save ‘trees, water and energy’.

Maybe the Hankybook people have missed a huge part of the market. Starting the product name with a ‘W’ would probably sell a whole lot more. Or for fans of South Park, a Mr Hankybook to take camping.

Hankybook.com offers different print designs, but they’re all US$24.95 plus US$15.95 freight for a three-pack.

That’s not be sniffed at.

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