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Hammerli Ar20 Pro Match Air Rifle

by editor

This firearm isn’t one of your sawn-off bank-robbing jobbies. This is a highquality item for serious, competitive target shooters, a popular and legitimate sport which is in the Olympics and everything.

The German-made AR20 Pro is a sophisticated sporting air rifle with a 300/200 bar compressed-air system, an aluminium stock with T-slot rail with a wide range of settings, and a finely adjustable match trigger.

The .177 single-shot rifle includes an adjustable rubber butt plate (snigger), variable stock length, cheek-piece height, fore-end height, as well as an ambidextrous receiver and stock. It also has a basic match diopter and standard foreskin – sorry, foreSIGHT – holder, and an aluminium cylinder with pressure gauge.

The AR20 plinker is available online from several outlets, but we found it on the shelf at Gunworld Australia in Hillcrest, Queensland, for a smidge over $1700.

Make sure you have the correct permits and licencing for your state or territory before you go looking, okay?
That’s the shot.

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