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Gucci Cruise 2019 Sandals

by admin

We couldn’t resist showing you what high fashion is all about.

Italian brand Gucci has high fashion coming out its Italian clacker, as these men’s – yes, men’s – sandals show.

We’re not even going to try and describe this product. We’ll pass on what Gucci has to say:

‘Staged in Alyscamps in the city of Arles—an ancient Roman necropolis that also serves as a promenade—the Cruise 2019 explores the idea of hybridization. A dual mix in which things aren’t what they seem and unrelated worlds collide in an unexpected way. The sneaker-sandal hybrid is inspired by the hiking world. A dynamic mix of leather and mesh is set on a chunky sole.’

Things definitely aren’t what they seem! To us it seemed they were a pair of sandals – a bit ‘flamboyant’ perhaps, if you know what we mean, but sandals. Then we saw they’re priced at $1425 a pair.

Mamma mia! Our common-sense world collided with our frigging wallet-world in a big way.

Get a pair at David Jones or any Gucci store. Better wipe your boots on the mat before you go in.

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