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Guaranteed Tough – DeWalt

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In this month’s ‘Company Profile’, WTW checks out American premium powertool producer, DEWALT.


Ask any tradesperson on any job and they’ll tell you that DeWALT is quality high-end gear. Every trade professional gives the Yellow ‘n’ Black Kit the thumbs up. DeWALT boasts brand reputation and trust that can only be earned through years of delivering quality results in real workplaces and Australian tradespeople absolutely put their faith in DeWALT.


DeWALT is unremittingly driven by the needs of the people who rely on their tools for a living. As well as performance, they want tools that are tough and durable to withstand the rigours of heavy and continuous use.

DeWALT ANZ Brand Manager, Adam Smith, told WTW of an incident that took place just before this issue went to print: “Kone Elevators dropped a DeWALT impact wrench from 15 floors while working in a concrete lift shaft. When they got to the bottom and retrieved the tool, it was still working.”

It’s easy to see the quality of the DeWALT build in things like magnesium housings instead of the plastic used by some competitors, but there’s a lot more to the reputation than just materials.



The DeWALT testing and development process is tough. That’s all there is to it. The tools are built with a specific aim of lasting three-to-four times longer than the nearest competitor, and that includes its lifetime as well as its run to the first service. What DeWALT calls ‘testing’ would be considered ‘destruction’ by most manufacturers.

Smith elaborates: “With one of our breakers, the main impact is on the tool holder and back handle. A lot of guys will lean back on it when they’re breaking concrete and it puts a lot of stress on the tool holder. We put that breaker through 100,000 cycles on a machine that replicates forward and backward motion on the handle. We then set a 500kg block of concrete around the tool and hoist it up on a crane to test the durability of the rear handle.

Creating the DeWALT job site of the future is about not only making products that have the latest technology like blue tooth connectivity, but making sure they goes the distance too.


DeWALT’s direct engagement with tradesman has developed many innovative products such as DeWALT XR FLEXVOLT. DeWALT recognised the limitations of traditional cordless power and engineered the DeWALT XR FLEXVOLT system.

Smith elaborates: “Put simply… The DeWALT XR FLEXVOLT range is the next chapter in cordless technology. DeWALT has launched a range of tools that are not just extremely powerful, but provide up to a full day’s runtime on a single charge for most users. The potential for this technology is limitless for each and every trade.”


Tough? In our Tradies Tough Teste we ran over a DEWALT Brushless Cordless XRP hammer drill, just to see what would happen.

The result? A couple of scuffs on the outer case, but the tool – and the job – carried on with no time lost. See it for yourself in this Tradies Tough Test video!



DeWALT is the jobsite of the future. Visit www.DeWALT.com

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