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GoPro Hero8 Black 4K 2.0 Action Cam

by admin

Somewhere along the way GoPro nailed the action-camera market.

Anyone who’s not using a GoPro is thought to be using a budget knock off, even though there are some fantastic offerings from other brands.

The latest GoPro is the Hero8 Black.

Features include best-in-class digital stabilisation, time-saving capture presets, unique time-lapse modes, a new, built-in mount, an improved microphone and new media mods.

Mate. Everyone should have one. How else is the entire-frigging-world going to see that amazing footage of you in the two-foot swell at Terrigal or on your pushie ride when the chain came off on the way to the shops?

There aren’t too many electronics and camera stores that aren’t selling GoPro, and as a guide on price, JB Hi Fi lists the Hero8 Black at $599.

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