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GoPro 3-Way Camera Mount Kit

by admin

Compatible with all GoPro cameras, the GoPro 3-Way camera mount is the cat’s whiskers for getting your GoPro in just the right spot and at just the right angle.

The mount can be moved and folded to function as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod for the mighty GoPro.

Key Features:

  • Can be configured for capturing POV footage, selfies, follow-cam, static tripod shots, and more
  • A lightweight, mini tripod can be stored inside the handle, which can also be detached from the arm and used as a camera grip
  • Only 19cm when collapsed. 50.8cm when fully stretched
  • Lightweight and designed to be waterproof.

Just about everyone’s selling GoPro gear, and we saw prices ranging around $120 from Aussie retailers like Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi. Some online stores like http://digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au have them a bit cheaper.

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