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Goodnature Nut Butter

by editor

Goodnature is a mob specialising in rodent-eradication gear, and nut butter, despite what you thought, is actually a pre-feed lure which encourages rats and mice toward the trap and away from any competing food sources. It supposedly makes the trap irresistible whenever a pest shows up to check it out.

The stuff is toxin-free, so there’s no-risk of secondary poisoning, making it safe to use around pets, wildlife and children. Pre-feeding around the trap also gives resident rodents a taste of the lure inside the trap, encouraging them to stick their ratty noggins in and end your rodent problem in a spectacular, splattery way.

It doesn’t sound very Goodnatured to us, but there it is.

The company also has a chocolateflavoured one – for sorting out editors who wog Iced VoVos they didn’t pay for from the tea room, presumably.

Get some from goodnature.com.au. Pouches start at $10.90 plus shipping.

If the stuff’s not poison, why not just chuck down some crumbled up Dairy Milk?

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