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Gocube Smart Rubik’s Cube

by admin

Did you ever end up feeling like a complete ringpiece because you couldn’t get the hang of a Rubik’s cube? You know, those cubes with all the coloured squares?

We didn’t either. We have lives. But if not solving Rubik’s cubes does put a burr under your blanket, here’s the answer – the GoCube.

Yes, rather than going through the annoying and time-consuming process of actually figuring something out for yourself, you can use a smartphone – of course – and this little jigger to teach you.

The GoCube app tracks your clumsy, half-arsed movements in real time, and then corrects you so you can do it on your own. From there you can nerd out and play with other cubers online and even use the cube as a controller to play mini-games, missions and thirdparty games.

Or you could grab some tools, start a job and actually achieve something. Your choice.

Grab one from JB Hi-Fi for $129.

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