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Go Girl Female Urinary Device

by editor

It’s often said that, as far as blokes are concerned, the world is a urinal.

In our new enlightened time of unicorns farting rainbows and pretending there’s no real difference between the genders, girls now have the same freedom as men when it comes to making the bladder gladder.

Yes, ma’m. Just slide the Go Girl down the front of the duds, position the anatomically shaped aperture over the appropriate drain valve and join the group getting rid of several dozen schooies or pots against the pub wall after closing. For bushwalkers and campers, the Go Girl comes with a carry case and can be washed in soap and water. Best of all, the Go Girl stays pretty much the same size, no matter what the temperature, and doesn’t look like a raw pork sausage with half the filling missing.

BCF has the Go Girl for just under $40.

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