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Go Away Coffee Mug

by admin

Like all the best ideas, this one’s straightforward and sensible.

When the coffee’s still at the upper level of the mug, best leave the drinker alone. The more coffee he or she drinks, the more human he or she will become. The markers on the mug show the current level of approachability.

These things should be mandatory for some of the WTW staff…especially one who’ll remain nameless (’cos he’ll spak out and chuck things at us when he subs the copy).

The mug is made from thick glass that gets warm, but not hot, when filled with hot coffee, and it holds about 385ml of life-giving Arabica-bean nectar.

We found the mug on US website www.mugs.coffee. That site recommends purchasing from E-bay or Amazon, and the asking price with shipping was a hefty $65.

It’d take us more than a cup of coffee to calm down after paying that price.

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