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Glow In The Dark Toilet Rolls

by admin

This is the brainchild of Daniel Blackman, a bloke responsible for coming up with ideas for gift company Thumbs Up.

Thumbs Up seems to have a bit of a thing for toilet-related products, so Danny’s probably considered hot poop in his department.

Anyhoo, the bog roll contains phosphors which sustain a glow after exposure to energised particles such as light, and there’s actually an element of real usefulness to the idea. For campers, or other poo-in-the-darkers, it can be a big help to see the date roll at night in the long-drop dunny or behind a bush out in the mulga somewhere.

We still smile at the poo tickets we saw on a building site where someone had scribbled on the wall above the roll: ‘Pics of your favourite politician. Wipe bum to develop’.

Ha! We love worksite humour.

We could only find the product online. If you’re keen, you can try thumbsup.com, giftgonk.com or even Aussie site mightyape.com.au.

Expect to pay about $20 a roll.

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