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Glo Ball V2 Led Golf Balls

by editor

Does anyone else have trouble finding their balls in the dark?

Or is that just us?

If you find yourself out on the back nine and the light’s getting a little iffy, or perhaps the putt putt facility isn’t as well lit as it could be, the Glo Ball V2 is the go.

Once hit, an in-built timer inside the golf ball activates the LED lights and causes the ball to glow a bright colour. The ball will stay lit for 8 minutes, or until hit again, when the timer will reset itself back to zero.

We were pretty excited by all this, as you can imagine. But then we saw the fine print: ‘batteries inside the golf ball are sealed and cannot be replaced. Life of the batteries is approximately35 hours’.

It took us longer than to get the cart out of a bunker at the last staff Christmas tournament, FFS.

It looks like website glowaustralia.com is the only place to get your balls lit up, and the asking price is $14.95 plus shipping per ball.

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