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Gerber Vital Field Saw

by admin

This little jigger would be a major boon for campers and off-roaders.

It’s a cutting-edge saw – we’re hilarious – which fits in its own pocket and hangs on a belt or pack to be ready for instant use.

Designed to fit comfortably in the hand, it’ll rip through various materials thanks to the configuration of the serrations. The easy-to-see orange handle is ideal for numpties who drop it in the scrub and then have to go looking for it, and the rubberised grip is designed to fit in the palm securely while in motion – so users don’t end up with a ‘saw’ hand! Ha! Did you get that one? Saw? Sore?

It’s called a homonym, and the folks at the local library think they’re a crack up.

Serrations on the blade are set to optimise efficiency.

We don’t reckon it’d be a lot of fun to try and hack through a sizeable lump of gum tree blocking a trail, but we’re backing it’d be a whole lot better than turning around or camping there until someone came along with a chainsaw.

One of these little units included in your regular offroad or camping gear could be a godsend.

Grab one from the nearest BCF for around $30.

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