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Gates Flexible Radiator Hose

by editor

These things can be lifesavers.

Of course, buy the correct part for the make and model of engine or vehicle being repaired whenever possible, but if the shit has hit the radiator fan, a flexible hose can be the difference between a right royal reaming from a tow-truck operator and making it home where the part can be properly researched and replaced.

Gates is a trusted brand in automotive hoses. They’re all OEM quality with matching fit and performance, have heatand ozone-resistant coverings, are engineered to resist electrochemical degradation, meet SAE 20R4 and 20R# Type EC Class D-1 and D-2 spec, and have a temperature rating of from -40ºC to135 ºC in coolant-hose applications.

So stick one of these in the back to make sure your next breakdown isn’t a total bummer.

The champions at Repco stock Gates, and price will depend on how big you want.

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