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Gas Regulator Safety

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Did You Know?

Regulators must only be used for their designed pressure and gas. If you are unsure, you can check the pressure rating on the back of the regulator. In Australia, the pressure adjustment dial is colour coded to assist with selecting the correct regulator – black for oxygen and red for acetylene. Ensure you read and follow the operating manual prior to installing your regulator.

Maintaining Your Regulator

Regulators should be checked for damage every time they’re used, tested annually and replaced after five years, as per Australian standard AS4839. If damaged in any way, do not use.

If you travel with cylinders, always disconnect the regulator and other equipment, such as hoses and torches, from the cylinder, and replace the protective cap in the cylinder valve.

Installing Your Regulator

Read and follow the operating manual prior to installing your regulator. Also, ensure you follow safe work practices and have a fire extinguisher nearby. Make sure you wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety shoes, eye wear and gloves.

  1. Check the regulator inlet connection is compatible with the cylinder connection
  2. Ensure the O-ring on the regulator inlet is in place and in good condition
  3. Inspect the cylinder-valve thread for damage and, using a clean cloth, ensure the cylinder valve is free of oil, grease, dirt or foreign matter
  4. Before attaching the regulator make sure the pressure-adjusting dial is fully backed up (ie: turned anti-clockwise as far as it can go)
  5. Attach the regulator to the cylinder valve and secure tightly with a regulator spanner.

For more information on gas regulators and cylinder safety visit the website www.boc.com.au and download a copy of our guidelines for cylinder safety.

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