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Gamago Morning Wood Soap

by editor

We bet you thought you knew all about Morning Wood.

But you didn’t, did you? You thought about how great it was, and how it would just last and last and last, but you never pondered about that fruity aroma or the rigid, yet strangely pliable, nature of the thing.
Well, now we can tell you.

Morning Wood soap, made by Gamago, is an all-natural glycerine cleanser with a royal pine scent – that’s probably the ‘wood’ part of the name – and as soaps go, it’s a sudsy little winner.

So don’t be embarrassed. Grab hold of your Morning Wood and go for it.

The usual Aussie websites are offering the firm, slippery little shower buddy – Yellow Octopus, Catch, eBay and the rest – for around $12.

Punch ‘Morning Wood’ into Google and see how you go.

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