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Full Boar Air Compressors

by editor

For the everyday tradie looking for a general, all-purpose compressor, check out Full Boar’s range of Oil Free Air Compressors.

The Oil Free range means there’s no need to keep checking or regularly changing the oil, saving you downtime on the job. Plus, there’s no chance of messy oil leaks or spills in your ute or around the job site.

The units are designed with a large piston chamber and a heavy-duty Teflon seal ring that continually delivers clean, efficient oil-free air on demand for your air tools on the worksite or in the workshop.

The compact Direct Drive 2HP 50L Oil Free Air Compressor has the ability to run two air tools at the same time with twin outlets, and includes quickrelease, Nitto-style couplings for just $229. For bigger jobs needing a compact solution, the 3HP 50L Oil Free V-Twin Air Compressor will power through heavy-duty applications with the twin pump for greater efficiency and cooler operation than other drive types. It’s the best choice when you’re needing an air compressor to run all day, every day. At $299 the V-Twin also powers two tools with twin outlets, and includes quick-release Nitto-style couplings.

At these prices why wouldn’t you try Oil Free? Check out the growing Full Boar air range at your local Bunnings.


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