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Full Boar Accessories Range

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Full Boar has been producing tradequality power tools for many years. Along with the tools themselves is an accessories range which has recently extended to include circular-saw blades, SDS-Plus 4 cut masonry drill bits and a few great new additions like a ReversaCut bi-directional circular-saw blade in 165mm & 184mm, along with flap discs and strip discs.

We figured we’d start on the circular-saw range and Full Boar’s Trade Series Saw Blades (Trim/Finishing) were at the top of our list.

Designed for finishing like arcs, skirts and other items that require the cleanest cut, these blades are all about the quality material edge. The 184mm Trim/Finish blade has 40 teeth, and as you’d know, more teeth on a blade produces cleaner cuts, so we were looking good.

Another impressive circular-saw blade worth mentioning is the 184mm (24 teeth) ReversaCut bi-directional blade designed for ripping and framing. We gave this blade a good workout.

We also had a collection of 4 Cut Tip for SDS-Plus masonry drill bits in varying sizes, designed for drilling through concrete brick and rebar. The single-piece 4 Cutter Carbide Head has been designed to provide greater sharpness and an extended lifespan.

Our first test was an interesting one. The ReversaCut blade fitted straight onto the 184mm circ saw. The blade was designed for ripping and framing so I grabbed a section of hardwood to see how well the teeth stood up to the tough going. We would have needed to cut for hours to get any dulling of the teeth. They held up exceptionally well, and even though there was no need to rotate the blade, we had to give it a go. Being bi-directional there is no right or wrong way to fit the ReversaCut (so it’s apprentice-proof), but what you do have is twice the lifespan from a single blade.

The next to fire up was the Trade Series, our trim/finish blade.

I had some lovely pieces of 30mm-thick oregon which provided the perfect material to test for a crisp edge.

As you would expect from a trim/finish blade, the cut was precise and ultra-clean. Keeping in mind Full Boar sells this range as an affordable option, I felt it performed well above the expectations of its price tag. Some of the features include:
• Precision, triple-ground, razor-sharp cutting edges
• Hardened HRC45 steel alloy body for straight cutting
• Thin-kerf design for faster cuts
• Anti-friction coating protects against corrosion & binding, and
• Blade-face design features all specs for ease of choice.

Being designed for SDS-Plus, we immediately had high expectations for these drill bits, especially the larger diameter sizes which range from 5mm-25mm width and 110mm-600mm length. After fitting both the 20mm & 25mm to the Full Boar hammer drill the tiny chunks of concrete flew. The drill bits made short work of the slab. I felt the high-quality carbide tip rip through the rebar when the bit got down to around 150mm. The centring tip also made exact positioning and drilling very easy. Debris and dust seemed to easily clear out of the hole with the dual H-Flute design.

Being one of the newer items on Full Boar’s accessory list I was intrigued by the strip discs. It seemed to be a little more gentle than a flap disc (which Full Boar has also released) and is designed to remove rust and sealants, and for weld cleaning, paint stripping and smoothing of surface coatings.

The strip disc is made from high-quality silicon carbide, a sharp and abrasive material which allows for efficient surface removal. In our test, we used the strip disc to remove paint from a timber section as well as remove rust from a metal surface, and it performed well.

It is a good option for those who use flap discs.

There was plenty of good in this range of products, including the fact they performed above and beyond what their price would lead you to expect. Given that Full Boar products sell out of Bunnings, next time you’re feeling like a Bunnings sausage sanger, why don’t you head into the power-tool section and check out not just Full Boar’s range of wellpriced power tools, but also its impressive range of power-tool accessories. The strip discs and the ReversaCut circ-saw blade were well worth a look.

PS: Don’t forget I’ll have BBQ sauce on my sausage sanger, thanks!

Visit: www.fullboartools.com.au

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