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Flexovit Diamond Blade Range

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Choosing the right diamond blade has never been so easy.

Flexovit has always had easy-to-read packaging so you can select the right blade in seconds. These are the same great blades you love, but now they’re minimising their footprint by using recyclable cardboard packaging and saying goodbye to the old plastic packaging. That’s a good move.

The Extreme Premium range Flexovit MAXX is the top-shelf, high-performance diamond blade with iHD technology (infiltrated high-density diamond) which is designed for contractors and tradespeople. They’re for the serious contractor who needs precision cuts. One of the blades in the range is the Ultra-Thin turbo, and it’s only 1.2mm thick.

The Multi-Material Pro tradesman range is designed for hard-working tradies and serious DIYers. It’s engineered to cut  through many different materials and is the ultimate all-rounder.

Then we also have the Pro Tradesman range with all Flexovit’s other great blades designed for all different professional applications.

Flexovit Maxx Range

The Flexovit MAXX range has a 20% faster cutting rate and a 20% longer cutting life which, over the life of the blade, is going to save time and money. They also have improved safety, with a 60% higher torque resistance. Those are three big boxes any tradie is more than happy to see ticked.

The MAXX blades really go the distance in terms of longevity and cut quality. After cutting through a pile of materials onsite, I really can’t fault them.

Maxx Ultra Thin Turbo

These blades are great. Cutting through concrete, masonry, stone and tiles was a breeze, and the cuts can be very precise because the blade, as it says, is ultra-thin.

You do notice how quick and easy it was to cut, not to mention the beautiful thin, clean cut. We cut through concrete and stone in our tests on these blades, and a combination of a thin and precise cut was a real stand out.

The MAXX segmented are slightly thicker than the Ultra with a 2.2mm segment thickness, and are also an extreme premium blade, performing exceptionally well in recommended materials.

You really need to give this blade a go.

Multi-Material Blades Are Great For:

  • Masonry
  • Steel
  • Stainless
  • Aluminium
  • Tile
  • Plastics
  • Reconditioned terracotta and many more.

Multi Material Pro Tradesman Range

The Pro Tradesmen have recently been my go-to blade for all the grinders in our fleet.

One blade really does cut it all, and it removes the need to continually change blades in between cuts of different materials. Some days we need to cut concrete, then steel pipes or cable trays, then plastic or even tiles, so you can see how these blades become a set-and-forget type of blade. If all I was doing all day was cutting tiles, or more precise delicate cuts, I would opt for a MAXX or dedicated Pro Tradesman-range blade, but the versatility and the time saved using the Multi-Material blade is a no-brainer.

  • Diamond-cutting range
  • Selections made clear
  • New recyclable packaging
  • MAXX range
  • Multi-Material range.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

I have to give a massive thumbs up to Flexovit for reducing its footprint by removing the plastic packaging and replacing it with recyclable cardboard. The clear and easy-to-read pack helps select the right blade fast.

Multi-material blades are a no-brainer for day-to-day use in many materials, and the Flexovit MAXX range proved to be the extreme premium blades.

Honestly, I’m struggling to find the bad and the ugly on this one.

The Flexovit range of diamond blades are very high quality and reliable blades for serious tradespeople and even the serious DIYer who likes to buy quality. The Multi- Material blades have already been in my vans for a while now, they’re still going strong, and they do cop some abuse on site.

This range is definitely worth a try if you haven’t done so yet.

For more product information visit www.saint-gobain.com.au

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