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Fiskars Pro Range

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Fiskars Pro tools are designed for trades professionals.

All tools in the Pro range feature unique and specific technologies to make tradies’ work more efficient, easier, or more comfortable. These aren’t just claims printed on brochures. The tools have been designed with advice from trades professionals for trades professionals to use, and Fiskars backs the entire Pro range with a lifetime warranty.

A quick look at a few of the high points of the Fiskars’ Pro range will give a good idea of what we’re talking about.

Vibration is a serious problem for any building professional working regularly with striking tools, and Fiskars’ patented Isocore™ technology absorbs both shock and vibration, reducing the impact on the worker’s body by up to 4 times. Ergonomics, especially on the handle, have also been greatly improved with Fiskars’ ‘Softgrip’ feature, which enables a safe grasp of the tool, even with sweaty hands. It also reduces blisters, a problem not discussed much, but a real consideration for those constantly working with their hands.

Fiskars Isocore™ striking tools also feature a hooked end handle which ensures an even higher level of safety. CARBONMAX™

Utility knives are standard kit in just about every trade, but there’s knives and there’s Fiskars CarbonMax™.

Patented technology means CarbonMax blades will stay sharp up to 24X longer than regular blades.

The knives themselves have superior handle ergonomics and long-lasting durability to match the blades, with a full-metal body and reinforced metal ends to resist impact from pounding and drops.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to grab a Fiskars utility knife yet, the Fiskars Pro blades come in a standard trapezoidal shape which will fit any standard utility knife.


Users of scissors to cut floor coverings, sarking, rope and similar materials will gain a huge benefit from Fiskars PowerArc™ blade technology. A precise profile reduces required cutting force by up to 50%, all the way to the tip, and an extended blade tang improves both leverage and strength. Even  the handle loops are larger to increase user comfort.

See For Yourself

We could go on and on, raving about how good the Pro range gear is, but the only test worth anything is the test you do yourself.

All Fiskars’ Pro products are exclusive to Bunnings. Next time you need a high-quality tool for your trade, have a wander through the selection of cutting and striking tools in your nearest Bunnings, grab one and give it a try.

We’re fairly certain it’ll be the first step toward a truly professional trade experience.

For more information visit www.fiskars.com.au

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