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Fiskars PowerGear Bolt Cutters

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When you’re looking for a superior cut from a more intelligent pair of bolt cutters the PowerGear range from Fiskars isn’t just better, it’s smarter.

There has been some significant R&D into getting these just right. Superior cutting, real ergonomics and longer-lasting durability are all key features of this product.

PowerGear technology has introduced 30% more cutting power, which outperforms every leading competitor. The textured handles offer great comfort and grip, and they’re contoured for added control.

Blades are heat forged with all-steel construction and riveted grips, which is why Fiskars stand behind this product with a full lifetime warranty. They’re perfect for cutting rebar, threaded rod, mesh and a pile of other tough metal products.

PowerGear bolt cutters from Fiskars visit www.fiskars.com.au

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